Disclaimer of the ITEZ Widget (hereinafter - the Widget) software copyright owner

The Widget is a software, the copyright holder of which is DataBridge OÜ, Estonia (company registration number 14515009) - hereinafter the Copyright Holder. The Copyright Holder transfers a non-exclusive royalty free license to a legal entity with which the Copyright Holder enters into a service contract - hereinafter the Widget User. The Widget User implements (installs) the Widget (performs integration on a Website, downloads, copies the installation files and data, receives integration tokens from the Copyright Holder) and through that Website organizes interaction of the Website users with the Widget, including internal links and integrations with third- parties software owned by another copyright holders.

Installation of the Widget, as well as access of Website users to the Widget is carried out at the own discretion and risks of the Widget user. The Widget User relieves the Copyright Holder of any responsibility for the entire time of interaction with the Widget and until it is deleted.

The Widget User is solely responsible for backing up any data and adequate protection of any equipment used to interact with the Widget and the Copyright Holder is not responsible for any losses the Widget User or the Website User's site user may incur in connection with downloading, installing, using, modifying or distributing the Widget, including for any damage to any computer system and loss of any data. No advice or information, oral or written, received from the Copyright Holder or its employees or contractors, does not represent any warranty of technical functionality or correct performance of the Widget.

The Widget and its components shall be supplied by the Copyright Holder of the Widget on an "as is" principals and without any warranties, either express or implied.

In addition to above-mentioned, the Copyright Holder does not give any guarantees that:

At any time, without prior notice, the Copyright Holder shall make changes to the Widget or its components, links to third-party software or documentation available on Widget user’s or third-party website.

The software may be out of date and the Copyright holder is under no obligation to update any outdated material.

The user bears the risk for special, punitive, incidental, consequential damages of any kind or any damages in general, including but not limited to those arising from loss of use, loss of data and (or) profit, including any liabilities arising from or in connection with the use of the Widget.